Lisa Thomas

Dispelling the Concept of Throwaway Lives

Like no one you have ever heard before Lisa Kratz Thomas brings a message of conquering adversity and unleashing potential. She powerfully communicates the courage to change by sharing her stirring account of survival from drug addiction, prostitution, abortion and incarceration. You will never look at your own life the same way again!

Lisa went from the crack house to the state house, from living on the streets in our nation’s capital, to being appointed to a Senate Sub-Committee that studied prisoner reentry in Virginia. During her tenure on this committee she submitted three pieces of legislation that later became state law. Today she is recognized as a leading authority on prisoner reentry and as the pioneer of an innovative, one of a kind prisoner reentry program in the state of Virginia.

As a former radio talk show host on the Zeus Radio Network, Lisa’s show THIS IS YOUR LIFE: Courage to Change, broadcast live, weekly for two years sharing stories of faith, wellness, recovery and courage.

As a veteran in Twelve Step recovery Lisa has successfully motivated, inspired, and propelled drug addicts and alcoholics to not only believe that second chances are possible, but attainable!

Her mission in life as an author and speaker is to shatter the delusion that some lives are considered throwaways while others are deemed indispensable.


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  • Her addiction to drugs and alcohol

  • How that addiction led to a lifestyle of crime, violence, and prostitution.

  • The desperation of thinking she couldn’t live with her addiction yet believing she couldn’t live without it

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featured book

Light In Our Darkness

This is a True Story. Three Lives. One Common Thread.

A formerly incarcerated, homeless, crack-addicted prostitute. A mentally unstable evangelical housewife is living with the effects of sexual abuse and a violent murder. And one of the least-known yet most influential people of the 20th century, a man responsible for 75,000 deaths.

Unexpectedly, their lives are woven together over the span of 40 years. Each is determined to expose and discredit a sinister misconception – the delusion that some lives are considered throwaways while others are considered indispensable. As they peel back the layers of darkness, they discover something far more powerful: light always reveals the truth.

Their individual journeys of devastation, loss, and ultimately, redemption, will challenge and inspire you to see the value of life from a whole new perspective.



  • Honest. Searingly honest. Lisa pulls no punches as she describes her years as a junkie. It's tough, painful stuff. You will cheer and marvel at Lisa's redemption. Her story is gripping and inspirational.

    Doris Buffett
    Doris Buffett Philanthropist | President of the Sunshine Lady Foundation
  • Lisa gets to the heart of the matter! Empowering, educational and real

    Darryl and Tracy Strawberry
    Darryl and Tracy Strawberry Strawberry Ministries
  • I was captivated by Lisa's story and her ability to overcome addiction. She is a natural communicator and an inspiring picture of transformation.

    Joe Theismann
    Joe Theismann World Champion Quarterback, sports commentator, corporate speaker and restaurateur
  • Are you haunted by guilt, shame or remorse? There is hope for you in the pages of this book. Readers will be shown through real life stories that they too can come from darkness into life giving light.

    Ruth Graham
    Ruth Graham Daughter of the famous evangelist Billy Graham
  • Lisa is a good friend and has one of the most inspiring life stories of anyone I know.  She had some rough early years, became addicted to drugs and even spent some time in jail.  Now, she is an author, speaker, pro-life leader and mentor and friend to many influential people across the country. Bob McDonnell

    Bob McDonnell
    Bob McDonnell Former Governor of Virginia

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