From the Crack House to the State House

Dispelling the Concept of Throwaway Lives

“From the womb to the tomb – from the jailhouse to the nursing home there are no throwaway lives. All life is precious, purposeful and valuable.”
~ Lisa Kratz Thomas

Thanks for stopping by to check out my web site. If you are looking for a speaker for your next event I want to be the person. For years I have been giving people the courage to change by sharing my stirring account of survival from alcohol abuse, cocaine addiction, domestic violence, prostitution and incarceration. Many people may be able overcome these adversities but few are able to bring it full circle and utilize them as assets. What people love most about my presentation is my authentic and real approach, I tell it like it is and leave you with something of value and wanting more!

  • Testimonials

    “Lisa has a way of making you feel like you can relate and if she can change her lifestyle, so can I.” “Listening to real life stories and circumstances lets you know you can change, overcome challenges and be someone again.”Inmates, VCCW
    “After hearing Ms. Kratz-Thomas, I am convinced that we do have some people outside that are concerned for us who are on the inside.” “The most beneficial thing about this presentation was learning that you have to be real with yourself and to yourself and deal with the adversity, don’t run from it.”Inmates, Dillwyn
    “In an environment of lies, of deceit and treachery her realness was refreshing.” “Can Lisa come back and speak again??? Please!!!”Inmate, Wallens Ridge
    “She makes a big difference with offenders coming back home. She motivates me to think more positive. This was the best speaker ever, you can tell she cares.” “I love this speaker, she was great. She broke my hard shell.”Inmate, Keen Mountain
    “Everything you spoke was from the heart, it made me feel stronger about my life after release.” “What I found beneficial about his group is that I may always have to face the label of felon, but I can still survive and succeed”Inmates, Haynesville
    “The offenders were able to relate to Mrs. Thomas’s stories of adversity and overcoming addiction. Following the program, a number of offenders asked for a way to stay in touch with Ms. Thomas and to thank her personally for her time.”Nottoway Correctional Center Adam Paige, Offender Workforce Development Facilitator
    “The offenders and staff thoroughly enjoyed this presentation given by Mrs. Kratz Thomas, it was well received.”Deep Meadow Correctional Center Latoya Royal, Cognitive Counselor
    “Thank you so much for spending time with Lunenburg correctional Center’s Cognitive Community. You may never know the impact you had on these offenders!”Lunenburg Correctional Center Cheryle Parrish, Cognitive Counselor
    “Please come again, I could listen to you over and over. You have motivated me more than anybody I have ever listened too. I have the opportunity to be better.” “You put some positive thoughts in my mind about serious living, changing my life.”Inmates, St. Brides
    “She inspired me to do more for my transition from prison to freedom.” “We all need to sit back and take a hard look at our lives and think about what she shared.”Inmates, Sussex I


Author, radio talk show host, and former offender, Lisa Kratz Thomas speaks at Governor McDonnell’s press release regarding restoration of voting rights.

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