Speaking Topics

Recovery: Living a Sober Life, One Day at a Time

Because substance abuse continues to be one of the most serious problems facing our nation today it is imperative that I share my experience strength and hope about recovery. Nobody starts out an addict, it is a process. I depict openly and honestly the mindset – the circumstances and situations that led a woman like me to incarceration, prostitution, and homelessness. Never in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined that my first drink would ensure a fight that would last so many years. It wasn’t until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired that I surrendered to God and recovery. This opened up a whole new glorious dimension of life, A dimension so astounding I have to share it to help others!

Re-entry: Transitioning from Incarceration Back to Society

As a former offender and convicted felon, I am acquainted first-hand with the staggering challenges facing the offender and all those associated with incarceration. For offenders, corrections and probation officers, judges and attorneys one of the biggest hurdles to successful reentry is staying motivated. Being in an environment of high stress and negativity many of us spend a great deal of time wondering how to get and keep ourselves and/or others engaged. Learn the secret to sustained motivation first hand, from an award-winning, former offender who has transformed adversity into advantage and become a seasoned veteran of reentry.

Life Affirmation: Unplanned Pregnancy/Post Abortion Hope

My story isn’t that different from many other women. Compelled by a hunger for love, a thirst for freedom and carrying the shame of abortion, I spiraled into the dark world of drug addiction. After reconciling my past with God and experiencing his redemptive love, I was able to overcome my guilt, shame, and remorse.  We are only as sick as our secrets. By sharing openly and honestly about my life and transformation I am able to help others who have experienced the trauma of abortion and reveal the pathway to wholeness.

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