How to Unleash Your Inner Motivator in 7 Easy Steps

Motivation is the key to successful living.

It is our internal drive that triggers awareness and ignites the passion of achievement.

“Stinkin thinkin” is one of the main reasons motivation is so difficult to obtain and maintain. This negative type of thinking makes you believe you will not succeed. Motivation and inspiration provide the energy necessary to inspire positive thinking.

Wherever the mind goes the man will follow!

What we think about eventually is going to come about.

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol my mindset was contaminated by negativity and pessimism.

When Monday morning rolled around, after a long weekend of partying, I used to tell myself…

“When I get paid on Friday I am not going to get high.”

However, throughout the week I did nothing to support this proclamation. I went to the same places and hung out with the same people.

So when Friday rolled around…

…what do you think I did?

You got it!

I went directly to the crack house.

We can’t think our way into a new way of living, we must live ourselves into a new way of thinking.

New thinking requires…

  • purpose
  • inspiration
  • and willingness to see things differently


Here are 7 techniques to help you achieve a better state of mind, unleash motivation and create a positive atmosphere.


1. Discover Your Confidence and Self-Image

Our identity is who we are and even more important whose we are. The

The Bible says that we are made in the “image” of God. God’s image is perfection and love.

Psalm 139:14 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Building your faith by spending more quite time with God will motivate you to be all that you were designed to be.

2. Good Habits Develop Good Character

Be courageous, loyal and honest to promote good habits and behavior.

Moral character contributes to your overall good.

It transforms personal desires and motivations.

3. Be a Person of Integrity

Be fair trustworthy and stand up for what you believe in.

Take responsibility for your own actions – this will motivate you to consider the consequences of your actions.

4. Commitment

Suiting up and showing up no matter what.

Creating and following through on a plan of action.

Not finding frivolous excuses to avoid responsibility.

5. Cultivate a Positive Attitude

People, Places, and Things have a Huge Impact on Your Attitude

  • If you are the most successful person in your crowd, you need a new crowd!
  • Water rises to its own level. You should surround yourself with people not only who you can help but with people who can help you through the tough times in life.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • Stay away from places that drag you into negativity.

Remember the best things in life aren’t things.

6. Practice Honesty

How does honesty promote motivation?

  • Builds trust with others
  • People are willing to help you
  • Most important honesty will contribute to the discovery of self-esteem and respect. It feels good to tell the truth (that’s motivating right there).

7. Operate in Humility (not humiliation)

CS Lewis said…

“True humility is not thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less.”

  • When you remain open-minded and teachable people who are visionaries, positive thinkers and entrepreneurs will gravitate towards you.
  • You can be transparent and real because you have nothing to prove – this is very freeing!
  • Don’t mistake kindness for weakness.


These techniques helped me overcome years of a negative thinking.

Sexual abuse, physical abuse, sex trafficking and drug addiction were what produced a toxic mindset.

When I surrendered my will to God, got involved in a recovery program and applied the techniques above my life changed for the better.

I began to believe and accomplish things I never thought I could.

I was excited about my life and started to help others get excited about their life as well.

The great thing about motivation is…

…it is contagious.

A little is never enough!

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