Lisa Kratz Thomas has given thousands of people the courage to change by sharing her stirring account of survival from drug addiction, prostitution, abortion, and incarceration. She is especially recognized as the pioneer and leader of an innovative, one-of-a kind, prisoner re-entry program, in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a speaker and former radio talk show host, Lisa has been able to share her message of conquering adversity and unleashing potential as well as providing a fresh perspective to helping others transform their lives.

She went from living on the streets in our nation’s capital to being appointed to a Senate Sub-Committee that studied prisoner re-entry in Virginia. During her tenure on this committee, she submitted three pieces of legislation that later became state law.

Lisa travels across the nation speaking to correctional associations, rehabs, corporations, churches, and colleges as well as at non-profit fundraising events. She continues to visit multiple correctional centers in the state of Virginia facilitating re-entry seminars.

Her mission in life is to shatter the delusion that some lives are considered throwaways while others are deemed indispensable.

Lisa Kratz Thomas’ life story will ignite the flames of possibility in us all and spur us onward to awaken unimaginable opportunities.



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