For information about loss and restoration of civil rights and fire arm rights in all 50 states go to Restoration of Rights Project:

If have been convicted of a felony in the Commonwealth of a Virginia, U.S. District or a military court, you have lost your civil rights (the right to vote, run or hold public office, serve on a jury or become a notary public). Individuals seeking restoration of their civil rights are encouraged to contact the Secretary of the Commonwealth‘s office. This does not restore your right to bear arms.

1. To be eligible for restoration of civil rights, an individual must be free from any term of incarceration and/or supervision resulting from felony conviction(s).

2. The Secretary of the Commonwealth gives priority consideration to individuals who request restoration of their civil rights. An individual seeking restoration of their civil rights may contact the Secretary of the Commonwealth by calling 804-692-0104 or on line at

3. The Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office has identified individuals who may meet the Governor’s standards for restoration of rights and those individuals will be considered for possible restoration in the order of when they were released from supervision.

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