“Things happen in life for a reason

and it’s up to you to use it for change!”

-Lisa Kratz Thomas

Light In Our Darkness

deception, murder, and unexpected grace

This is a true story. Three lives. One common thread.
A formerly incarcerated, homeless, crack-addicted prostitute. A mentally instable evangelical housewife living with the effects of sexual abuse and a violent murder. And one of the least-known yet most influential people of the 20th century, a man responsible for 75,000 deaths.

Unexpectedly, their lives are woven together over a span of 40 years. Each is determined to expose and discredit a sinister misconception – the delusion that some lives are considered throwaways while others are considered indispensable. As they peel back the layers of darkness, they discover something far more powerful: light always reveals the truth.


This Is Your Life Not A Dress Rehearsal

Rising Above the Myths of Addiction

Substance abuse continues to be one of the most serious problems facing communities and campuses throughout the United States. Lisa Kratz Thomas is devoted to helping others unlock their inner potential to discover true purpose and passion for life. Recognized as a top speaker on addiction and recovery she shares her own personal and compelling struggle with addiction. Nobody starts out an addict, it is a process. Facing your difficulties gives them value. This dilemma is addressed with several myths and truths of addiction, coupled with the stories of the author’s personal experience followed up by thought provoking reflections for the reader to ponder. Her highly acclaimed new book “This is your life – not a dress rehearsal” aims to save a generation from self-destruction through addiction awareness and prevention by confronting the myths and truths of alcohol and drug use. This book (being called gripping, inspirational, captivating and purpose driven by students and community leaders) is intended to remove the stigma of addiction while providing entry for many who realize there is a problem but don’t know the next right step to take.



what does it take to break the cycle of re-offending and move away from a criminal mind set? successful re-entry!

What does it take to break the cycle of re-offending and move away from a criminal mind set? Successful re-entry! For most offenders this can be daunting. Overcoming Obstacles of Re-entry is being hailed as “life changing.” Anyone who faces the overwhelming challenges of re-entry will find this book a valuable resource, containing principles of the most successful re-entry tips known to former offenders. All which were conceived from the highly acclaimed transitional re-entry program founded and operated by Lisa Kratz Thomas that produced a zero recidivism rate. You will be provided insight and specific methods to overcome the obstacles of employment barriers, to design a specific plan of action, to create and sustain a great sense of self-worth, as well as how to educate your prospective employer about the benefits of hiring an ex-offender. Lisa expounds on these principles with “Out-takes” of her personal life experience to illustrate clear explanation of these tactics. Success could be just one click away!


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